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Configuring Sound in NoteWorthy Composer

After NoteWorthy Composer 2 is initially installed onto your hard drive, it is immediately able to open and print score files with no further adjustments. The scores cannot be played back, however, until NoteWorthy Composer 2 is told which sound device(s) should be used for play back. When it is first installed, the MIDI Mapper will automatically be selected as your default play back device, unless you have already some other device in a prior version of the program. If you do not have any sound hardware on your computer system, NoteWorthy Composer 2 can still be used to create, edit, print, and save score files, but NoteWorthy Composer 2 will be unable to play the scores back so that you can hear them.

The following steps can be used to configure NoteWorthy Composer 2 for sound, so that you can hear scores on play back:

Step 1: If not open already, start the NoteWorthy Composer 2 application

Step 2: Open the menu titled Tools and select Options

Step 3: Select the Midi tab from the group at the top of the dialog.

From within this dialog, follow the instructions as specified in the help section for this tab (see Midi Tab Help)

If there are not any devices listed in either the Available Devices or Devices Used for Play Back list box, then you either do not have sound equipment on your computer or the device has not been configured within Windows. Refer to the documentation associated with your sound card for information on setting up the device in Windows.

Hint: If there are many devices listed and you are not sure which one to select, chose the Microsoft MIDI Mapper, if it is listed. This will allow NoteWorthy Composer 2 to play songs using the same configuration that Windows uses in its own multi-media players. In general, it is a good idea to use only one device for play back. If you move more than one device into the used list, you may get unpredictable results, depending on whether your system really supports multiple, simultaneous MIDI sound sources.

After completing these three steps, you are ready to start hearing the scores that you open in NoteWorthy Composer 2. When you are ready to play a score, the easiest ways of doing it are either by pressing the F5 function key or clicking on the play button in the Toolbars.

A similar procedure can be used for setting up MIDI input and recording. The Record Tab is used to configure an input device for real-time or step entry via a MIDI keyboard or other external MIDI device. When you are ready to record a performance, the easiest approach is to start a new song using one of the Rhythm templates. Any of these templates will enable you to record a new performance while playing back a rhythm that will act as your metronome. Recording can be quickly started from the F4 function key or clicking on the record button in the Toolbars.

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