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Beam Notes Command

This command allows a group of selected notes to be beamed across their stems. The notes must be placed onto the staff first, then selected, before using this command. Only adjacent notes and chords with at least one stem flag can be grouped in this fashion. A beam cannot cross over a bar line. Notes must be selected before a beam can be applied. Notation items can be selected by clicking the left mouse button and dragging the insertion point across the items. Notes can also be selected by holding the Shift key while moving the insertion point to the right or left.

When a series of one or more notes is selected, the Note Beam tool and menu option will automatically be enabled and checked to indicate the status of the command. The command is only enabled when it is possible to either beam selected notes, or remove a beam on existing selected notes. The addition or removal of a note beam is dependent on whether the menu item is checked or not. When the menu item is checked (and the tool is highlighted), this indicates that the currently selected notes include a note beam. By invoking the command at this point, the note beam will be removed. If the command is not checked, but is enabled, then when invoked, a new note beam will be added to the selected notes.

When performing the operation, any pre-assigned note stem directions are ignored, and the best stem direction for the combination of items is chosen. The stem direction for the grouping can be changed afterwards by selecting the whole group and using the stem direction buttons. Note that after removal, the stem direction for the notes will still be set, and may require you to manually reset them if you do not like the way they are displayed.

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