NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage

The NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage highlights registered users of NoteWorthy Composer who have been a significant help to other NoteWorthy Composer users, participate in the NoteWorthy Composer Forum in a positive manner, and/or make great effort to distribute their compositions and arrangements in NoteWorthy Composer file format.

Richard Woodroffe

Richard has been active in the various NoteWorthy Software areas since 1997. Various areas include: current web master of the Scriptorium, created monthly archives of the newsgroup since it started, numerous User Tips, updated command summary, beta tester, statistician, Rogue's Gallery, utilities and tons more. His favourite is comedy music - particularly Tom Lehrer and Flanders & Swann. For proof of his love of comedy music, check out hilarious Dem Bones animation. He has used NoteWorthy Composer in his position as the Chairman of the NatWest Bank Choir and built a Christian Hymn book supplement under the CCL licence.

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