Getting Started, User's Guide, Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the best places to go first is the Help file's help: Getting Started section. This area will guide you in setting up for play back, creating new songs, and working in the score editor.

There is a User's Guide that covers "How To" complete tasks and a Tutorial on how to notate a Jingle Bells from start to finish.

Most note and symbol entry in NoteWorthy Composer can be done from the computer keyboard with quick keys. Once you learn the shortcuts, notating will be faster than using the menus and the mouse.

A list of keyboard shortcuts can be found:

Other Shortcuts


Some quick keys in NoteWorthy Composer can only be used after items (notes, rests, tempo, etc.) have been selected. For example, cut (Ctrl+X) and beam (Ctrl+B) cannot be executed until items are selected. Also, accessing properties for an item with Alt+Enter

If the item has no width, Preserve Width was not checked, then the anchor/diamond will need to be selected instead of the item itself. See faq #7 for more on Preserve Width.

To select an item with keyboard shortcuts:

Once an item has been selected, the item will appear highlighted with a different background color. Or, if Preserve Width is not used and the anchor/pointer must be selected, the anchor/pointer will appear highlighted.

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