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Info Command

This command provides the dialog used to define key parameters to your composition, such as its title and copyright information. This information is used when any parts of the score are printed.

Song Title and Author Dialog Options

Song Title:
This is where you specify the title of this composition.

If this is a song of your own creation, specify your name as the author.

If the song contains lyrics, then this is the place to credit them for the words.

Copyright Notice:
You are entitled to copyright protection for any song works that you compose. You can specify two lines of copyright information within NoteWorthy Composer that will be displayed on the first page of the printed composition. A suggested phrasing is provided automatically.

Any comments that you wish to make about the composition can be made here. This can be used as a running record of your compositional or performance process associated with the song. This information is not included on any printouts of the song parts.

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