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Print Preview

This gives you a preview of the printed version of your score. It is not an exact replica of what will be printed, but it is pretty close.

While in the Preview window, you can use a mouse, computer keyboard, or touch screen to navigate around each page of the preview. Some common actions include:

  • double tap/double click to zoom into a specific spot
  • on the computer keyboard, hold the control key the the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out at the pointer location
  • the keyboard's plus and minus keys will zoom in or out of the center of the screen
  • on a touchscreen, slide two finger apart or together to zoom around the area between your fingers
  • with the mouse, press and hold the left mouse button to drag the contents of the screen
  • spin the mouse wheel while hovering over one of the scroll bars to move the screen in the direction of the scroll bars
  • using a touchscreen, press and slide your finger or pen to drag the contents of the screen
  • use the computer keyboards left, right, up and down arrow keys to move around
Page Turn
  • Page Up and Page Down on the computer keyboard
  • the arrow buttons in the top right corner
  • clicking/tapping outside of the page

The F11 function key, or the options menu, can be used to temporarily disable the automatic page width justification system. This can be useful in reviewing page layout and system break options.

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